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The PRESCHOOL Program will focus on:


Physical Development – Exploring their world through movement, balance, and fine-motor skills by:

• using advanced equipment in and outside of the classroom.
• improving precision of motion significantly.
• displaying confidence in their active play.

Social and Emotional Development- Mastering self-awareness and self-regulation by:

• becoming more independent and improving self-help skills.
• following a series of simple directions.
• viewing themselves as individuals.
• showing some understanding of moral reasoning.
• being interested in relationships with other children.

Thinking Skills-Forming age appropriate complex ideas, awareness of their surroundings and gathering and organizing knowledge about their world by:

• actively seeking information through why and how questions.
• organizing materials on their own.
• attending to an activity for a longer stretch of time (between 5 and 15 minutes).
• seeking information and new experiences from the people in their environment.

Language Development- Growing into expressive communicators, lively inventors, and tellers of stories by:

• using complex sentences and grammar.
• following a series of two to four related directions.
• exchanging information via retelling a story.
• asking “when?” “how?” and “why?” questions.
• listening to long stories.

The daily activities for the PRESCHOOL program include:

• Routine Care: meals, hand washing, and napping
• Spanish Immersion
• Technology
• Arts and Crafts
• Music
• P.E.
• Yoga
• Science/Social Studies Inquiry
• Math and Literacy Centers
• Library Lab
• Reading and Math Vocabulary Enrichment
• Music and Movement
• Outdoor Play
• Imaginative Play
• Majestic Story Time
• Fine and Gross Motor Fun
• Block Exploration

(Visit the campus for a detailed daily schedule)

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