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The INFANTS Program will focus on:

Physical Development- Exploring their world through movement, balance, and fine-motor skills by:

• learning the basics of self-movement and begin to master the skills needed for hand-to-mouth coordination and holding objects.
• becoming stronger and more agile.
• active mobility with walking and self-initiated movement.

Social and Emotional Development- Mastering self-awareness and self-regulation by:

• getting to know their own bodies.
• having interest in other people and learn to recognize primary caregivers.
• initiating social interaction.
• showing a wider emotional range and stronger preferences for familiar people.
• imitating people and things around them.

Thinking Skills-Forming age appropriate complex ideas, awareness of their surroundings and gathering and organizing knowledge about their world by:

• using their senses to explore their environment.
• recognizing and responding to people, sounds, and objects.
• observing and imitating the actions of adults.

Language Development- Growing into expressive communicators, lively inventors, and tellers of stories by:

• being responsive to speech via looking at the speaker.
• communicating with bodily movements: crying, babbling, and laughing.
• attempting to imitate sounds.

The daily activities for the INFANT program includes:

• Routine Care: feeding, diapering and hand washing, and sleeping
• Tummy Time
• Outdoor Stroll/Blanket
• Fine and Gross Motor Music Fun
• Sensory Book Discovery
• Soothing Massage
• Language Vocabulary Enrichment
• Cuddle and Babble Sessions-the teacher will hold each scholar individually, communicating with them with the sense of touch, facial expressions, and various voice tones.
• Each scholar’s diaper is checked and changed before the child is released to their parent

(Visit the campus for a detailed daily schedule)

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