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The University Kids curriculum embodies an array of experiences that our scholars have at the campus. It is our precise content objectives and learning outcomes, our knowledge of child development and careful observation of the needs and interests of each scholar that guides our curriculum. In support for school-readiness and a path towards college our curricula meets the following criteria:

• The curriculum is aligned with the Texas Prekindergarten Guidelines and Kindergarten Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS).
• The content and teaching strategies are clear, and research-based.
• The curriculum content is taught to engage various types of learning styles: visual, auditory, kinesthetic and tactile.
• The curriculum relies on child creativity, exploration, and collaboration.
• All curriculum components are developmentally appropriate.
• Methods for inclusion of students with disabilities and those that struggle to learn are provided.

Our academic program is designed to provide a strong foundation for supporting the manner in which your child plays, learns, speaks, and acts. Our curriculum is designed to focus on the overall development—gross and fine motor, language, cognitive, and social skills for each age-group.


Gross motor: using large groups of muscles to sit, stand, walk, run, etc., keeping balance, and changing positions.
Fine motor: using hands to be able to eat, draw, dress, play, write, and do many other things.
Language: speaking, using body language and gestures, communicating, and understanding what others say.
Cognitive: (thinking skills) including learning, understanding, problem-solving, reasoning, and remembering.
Social: interacting with others, having relationships with family, friends, and teachers, cooperating, and responding to the feelings of others.


The daily schedule allows each scholar to partake in the five major skills that are essential to their development. Follow the link below for more information about each age group’s program.



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