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The UKIDS After-School Workshop

A diverse group of children doing homework together outside.We provide care for ages five to twelve years old before or after school. Providing a safe and interactive environment is our highest priority. The program encompasses a rich academic component, healthy and active play, essential life skill curriculum, and healthy snacks.




After-School Workshop

Scholars work in learning pods and collaboratively participate in the following:


• Each scholar has assistance with homework ensuring that it is complete and done correctly.
• A daily homework log is used to track each scholar’s homework progress.
• After completing their homework scholars read for 15 minutes and complete their reading log.

Active Play

• All scholars enjoy outdoor free play.
• Scholars have access to Karate and Yoga classes.

Special Workshop Courses

The scholars will rotate weekly through the following classes:

Science Discovery-hands on experiments and activities
Cooking 101-preparing simple and delicious meals
Arts and Crafts-fun and creative projects
Tech Club-interactive computer learning games
Character Counts-character development classes


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